Central Administration

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The Central (General) administration manages the general and financial affairs of the monastery. An Administration Committee, referred as chanzo-khang in Tibetan, comprising of 5 members appointed by the governing body for a term of three years... Read more

Digital Library

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The monastery's Digital Library "Sera Jey Rigzod Chenmo" (The Great Knowledge Repository of Sera Jey Monastery),  –"www.serajeyrigzodchenmo.org", was launched on 19th August 2015.  The Digital Library provides an open archive platform... Read more

Philosophical Studies

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Academic - Committee For Sera Jey Philosophical Studies & Board of Examination The committee is responsible for the administration of Monastic University Course, similar to that of a modern Academic University Department. The Committee manages t... Read more


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The Education Department has lately been formed as a complimentary platform to the main Philosophical studies curriculum of the monastery, where general academic subjects from language, to science and humanities can be made available for studies as e... Read more


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Sera Jey Science Center founded in 2013 is another major landmark in the monastery's academic educational field. The well equipped science classrooms and laboratory with qualified science teachers provides the best available resources to the present ... Read more


CATEGORY: IGNOU | PUBLISHED:: 16-06-2016 | Hits:776

The monastery has a large no of pupils undertaking modern academic courses under IGNOU – Indra Gandhi National Open University, as a private study to supplement their knowledge resource. To facilitate the private studies of the current enrolled... Read more

Language Translation

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With the requirement of our monastery’s rich knowledge resources on Buddhist Philosophy and culture for sharing and to the service of the outside world of Buddhist sphere, outreach programs were initiated. The language of English and Chinese a... Read more


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Sera Jey Library is the institutional library of Sera Jey Monastery. The library serves as a textual repository for a vast collection of Buddhist texts and scriptures relating to monastery's study curriculum and other Buddhist Philosophical works. In... Read more

Secondary School

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The Monastery is privileged and fortunate to have a well-established modern Secondary School functioning from Class I to X th, with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) affiliation. The school has a regular annual strength of over 700 novice ... Read more

Health Care Committee

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Sera Jey Health Care Committee was initially established with an objective to provide health care and medical services to monks of this Monastery. But nevertheless, the need for others is wholly respected and sympathised - the sick and poor monks, nu... Read more

Yiga Choeling Center

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The Center is a multipurpose platform, from where special Dharma (spiritual), Educational and Social programs are administered, to meet the longed aspiration of the numerous devotees, enthusiasts and visitors. Auditorium / Guest House / Restaurant /... Read more

Community Kitchen

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Sera Jey Community Kitchen is one of the main department of the monastery, catering meals to sanga community everyday all round the year. Introduction -The common Kitchen of the first 197 native monks at Sera Jey Monastery was the beginning of this ... Read more

Sponsorship Committee

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Sera Jey Monastic University Monk's Sponsorship Committee is specifically founded by the Monastery with a sole mission to raise funds for administering monastic education & welfare of its member monks. To one of the largest Buddhist Monastic Inst... Read more