Ever since the re-establishment of the Monastery at Bylakuppe in South India, the Monastery has undertaken various projects from rehabilitation to curriculum activities, which has been the corner stone in developing and progressing from the initial sanga strength of 200 monks to the present totalling over 3800 monks and for the enormous infrastructure undertaken to accommodate this huge expansion.

Given the nature of our institutional organization, projects are classified into three categories

* One Time
* Recurring
* Branch projects

One Time Projects generally pertains to construction of facilities – prayer halls, debate courtyard, classrooms, library, hostel, auditorium, roads, …

Recurring Projects are programs and activities of the monastic institute that recur periodically, as – general administraion; academic - teachers salary/ administration / publication / digital library / workshops & short courses / repairs & renovations, social (service), environment, …

Branch projects relate to projects undertaking by our monasteries branches – monasteries and centers located in India and abroad.