Besides the Monastery's traditional culture and academic curriculum, it has actively involved in many other spheres of services to Institutions, Organization, Communities & individuals alike, wherever possible in its capacity. Recounting the last four decades of its re-establishment at Bylakuppe in South India, there has been a phenomenal progress in its service field all along with the growth of the Monastery. Wherein the first batch of 197 monks from Tibet, was the backbone in laying the foundation for the rehabilitation and survival means, toiling hard in clearing the forestland of 225 acres for dwelling and cultivation, amid the unaccustomed habitat and climate.

The monastery's prime mission of preservation and promotion of its traditional monastic culture and practice, to teach and disseminate the teachings of Buddha, forms one of the principal service obligations to the Tibetan and other Buddhist community and to all aspiring devotees and communities alike. The notable mission has been the foundation and strength of the monastery that has brought about the huge member strength, with pupils from all the regions of Tibet, the Himalayan regions of India, South East Asia, the Pacific and western states.

Subsequently there has been a dramatic increase in graduation of scholars - Geshes and Lharam Geshes, each year. Many of the graduates embark on Dharma service as Teachers, Instructors & Guide to different institutes, universities and Buddhist organizations across - America, Europe, Pacific & South East Asia. It is evident that majority of the Tibetan scholars & spiritual teachers of Buddhist institutions & organizations around are members who have studied and graduated from Sera Jey.

The extent and reach of the monastery's dharma service are far and wide.