Besides the Monastery's traditional culture and academic curriculum, it has actively involved in many other spheres of services to Institutions, Organization, Communities & individuals alike, wherever possible in its capacity. Recounting the last four decades of its re-establishment at Bylakuppe in South India, there has been a phenomenal progress in its service field all along with the growth of the Monastery. Wherein the first batch of 197 monks from Tibet, was the backbone in laying the foundation for the rehabilitation and survival means, toiling hard in clearing the forestland of 225 acres for dwelling and cultivation, amid the unaccustomed habitat and climate.

The re-establishment of the Monastery gave the Tibetan refugee settlers of Bylakuppe a fresh return to their traditional Dharma practice and culture back into their spiritual lives, amid the traumatic experience from loss of their homeland and survival in a totally different region and climate. Gradually with the growth of the Monastery in member strength and its activities, there has been spontaneous development in the diversity of service extended to communities, devotees and public.

In the present scenario, the various sections and committees of the Monastery and through its branches have in their programs, activities that are of beneficial service to the community, devotees and to poor and needy individuals. The Monastery within its best capacity at any given time, provide relief at different nature of situations, to institutes, organizations and individuals.