Objective: Class Room project is one of the important projects proposed for undertaking on monastery's commitment to developing further its education curriculum.

This project is primarily intended to provide a classroom facility to the existing Debate Court Yard, which is inadequate to hold all the 19 class levels of the curriculum - Five Course Stages. Many of the 19 class levels have to hold their Debate classes outdoors, because of the large student population, totaling 2455. And outdoor classes are frequently interrupted during rainy season and summer heat.

The proposed classroom building will provide the facility to conduct classes on monastery's main curriculum for our total 2455 enrolled student monks in 19 class levels. This will be the first of its kind in the monastery's history.

The monastery also considers the Class Room project will have significant importance in taking forward our traditional centuries-old conventional monastic system of learning & imparting towards a more comprehensive and modern system that is practicable with our the rapidly advancing world. Where, in the near future different academic disciplines will be introduced in the curriculum. This can be backed by the recent introduction of Science Discipline in the mid level stages, from 1st of June 2012.

Physical Plan: The classroom complex will mainly comprise 19 Class rooms, One Office room, One Reading Hall, which will have adequate collection of reference materials on monastery's curriculum topics and other relevant Tibetan Buddhist scriptures.

The project also includes an extension part for two classrooms & one office for the 'Science Meets Dharma' program - an initiative by the Nobel Prize Laureates His Holiness The Dalai Lama & Richard Ernst and undertaken by Tibet Institute Rikon - Switzerland; where increasing no of monastery's student monks are learning general science concepts with much success during the past ten years.

Financial Plan: The total cost for the Project is estimated at -

INR (') 44,157,190/- (Forty Four Million, One Hundred FiftySeven Thousand, One Ninety)

As a monastic institute totally engaged in educational & spiritual work, where source of income are from donations & sponsorships from devotee, philanthropists & organizations, have to realize the implementation of the project by fund raising.

This Tour of Compassion & Harmony is dedicated to highlight the Class Room Project to communities of devotees, friends, organizations & institutes for their support.

Past Projects Prayer Assembly Hall

One of the most significant project was the construction of the New Assembly Prayer Hall, given the time and circumstance of the project that was proposed and implemented.

The project commeced from the year 1995 and efficiently completed by 1998.

The monastery's monks undertook yearlong Dharma Tours to America and Europe for raising funds for the Project.

The project was completed in 1998 and was inaugurated by His Holiness The Dalai Lama in the same year.