With the growing interest on Buddhist Philosophy and the increasing relevance of Buddha’s philosophical principles - moral & human values, the quest for seeking the knowledge and wisdom of Buddha's philosophy and its wisdom are ever growing in the modern world.  Sera Jey Monastery with a very vast human knowledge resource and well sustained traditional culture, fulfills all the obligations to its  commitment to establish a distinct institute for specializing on Buddhist Philosophical Studies.

This proposed institute for Buddhist Studies has been officially named – “Sera Jey Tashi Choeling Center”.

Study Curriculum
The study curriculum is specialization in Buddhist Studies.  It will be primarily based on the 'The Five Main Treatises of Buddhist Philosophy –

i)   Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom)
ii)  Madhyamikavatara (The Middle View
iii) Pramanavartika (Valid Cognition)
iv) Vinaya (Monastic Precepts
v)  Abhidharmakosha (Phenomenology)

Curriculum Duration:
    The entire five treatises can be covered in a total course period of 9 years.
Medium of Curriculum:
    The curriculum will be available in three medium of language – Tibetan / English / Chinese.
Platform scope:
    The institute will provide an ideal platform for research scholars, college graduates / post graduates.
Short Term Courses:
    Besides, the institute will also conduct periodic courses of short / medium duration.
Special Camps:
    Special camps for school going age children, during school vacations, of Tibetan community living outside India.

Project Physical Facility

Hostel Residence Block - 50 Rooms with bath/toilet.
Classroom Block - 10 Rooms
Library - 1
Auditorium - 1
Dining Hall - 1
Kitchen - 1
Office - 1

The hostel residence accommodation is based on individual room, considering the nature of the course specialization and also keeping in mind the priority of college graduates (foreign & non-foreign) privacy and convenience for studies & rest.

Project Facility Cost - 

The total estimate cost for the Project Facility:-

   INR 44,407,500.00  (forty-four million, four hundred seven thousand and five hundred)
   US$ 716,250.00   (seven hundred sixteen thousand, two hundred & fifty)

Project Implementation - 

The site land for the project already allocated and ready.
The initial construction work of the facility has commenced from June 2015.

Architect's view of the Institute
Plan design of Institute