Schooling cum Boarding for 50 children - SJRLC

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Sera Jey Rudok Lhundup Choding at Leh Ladhak is one of the branch monasteries of Sera Jey. This branch monastery under the affiliation of Sera Jey has been able to achieve much progress in the overall development. Spiritual services by the branch monastery to devotee community were restored to its full potential for the first time. A new prayer hall with a capacity to accommodate around 300 - 400 devotees was constructed, besides monk’s resident quarters, kitchen, office, …etc. ObjectiveThe Schooling cum Boarding project at Rudok Lhundup Choding Monastery – Leh Ladhak, is specifically proposed with a sole objective to providing an opportunity for children of remotely located herdsmen in Leh... Read more

Monks Resident Quarters - SJ Rudok Gompa

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Rudok Lhundup Choding Monastery since its undertaking by Sera Jey Monastery, has been growing in member strength and monastic curriculum as well. Sera Jey Monastery delegates a large no of monks to the branch monastery, for administering teachings, prayer & ritual ceremonies all round the year. However, the branch monastery has only a limited resident quarters for monks, and majority of the monks had to reside in make shift tents throughout the year. The need for a minimum no of monk’s resident quarters has been required for long. Hence, a "10 room Resident Quarter" for monks has been formerly proposed, to ease the hardship of accommodation shortages. Project Cost: The total estimate for the material... Read more

Schooling cum Boarding for 100 children - SJJC

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Sera Jey Jamyang Choekhor Ling is one of the branch monastery of Sera Jey, located at Tawang in the north eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. Since the monastery came into the folds of Sera Jey, it has developed considerably in all spheres - from facility (physical infrastructure) to educational curriculum / spiritual service and in the no of student / member population strength. The most significant aspect of development is that the branch monastery is able to provide benefit to over 100 (one hundred) no of children from very poor and needy families with full fledge school education from class I to VIII and boarding, lodging and other basic needs as... Read more