Academic - Committee For Sera Jey Philosophical Studies & Board of Examination

The committee is responsible for the administration of Monastic University Course, similar to that of a modern Academic University Department. The Committee manages the day-to-day Debate class schedules and maintains attendance register, sets question papers and conducts examination, valuates examination answers and reviews course syllabus. The committee in consultation with the Advisory Committee, the Disciplinarian (Dean) and the Abbot in particular, can make amendments to certain aspects of Monastic University Department. 

The Committee consists of five member Directors, elected in two alternate batches with a service term of 3 years.

Contact information -

Sera Jey Philosophical Studies
Bylakuppe 571104,
Mysore Distt. (K.S), INDIA

Tel: +91-

Current serving Directors

  1. Geshe Sonam Paljor Damo (Chief Secretary)
  2. Geshe Lobsang Thapke (Chief Secretary)
  3. Geshe Tsering Dorjee (Chief Secretary)
  4. Geshe Yama Dhargye (Chief Secretary)