Sera Jey Community Kitchen is one of the main department of the monastery, catering meals to sanga community everyday all round the year.

Introduction -
The common Kitchen of the first 197 native monks at Sera Jey Monastery was the beginning of this Community Kitchen. The small income generated from field cultivation was the only source of livelihood, in the initial phase. With the initiation of new novice monks into the Monastery, the limited revenue from the field cultivation was inadequate to meet the kitchen expenses and for the maintenance of the Monastery.

geshe lobsang samten
Geshe Lobsang Samten

SJMU Id No:  11176

Designation: Administrator


geshe ngawang choejor
Geshe Ngawang Choejor

SJMU Id No:  11595

Designation: Administrator


geshe lobzang tashi
Geshe Lobzang Tashi

SJMU Id No:  11316

Designation: Manager


ngawang tharchin
Ven. Ngawang Tharchin

SJMU Id No:  12213

Designation: Chief cook