The Monastery is privileged and fortunate to have a well-established modern Secondary School functioning from Class I to X th, with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) affiliation.

The school has a regular annual strength of over 700 novice student monks, teachers and staffs. The school imparts modern academic education from primary to high school level, like any other modern school in the exiled Tibetan community in India. It is here, where the young novice on being initiated into the Monastery, have the privilege to study at the primary and high school education. Besides the benefit of formal academic education, the pupils also have the benefit of Tibetan language, literature and history education at the school level. This has tangible advantage in their pursuance of Monastic course of Buddhist Text and Philosophy. 

geshe tashi gelek
Geshe Tashi Gelek

SJMU Id No:  10965

Designation: Director

geshe tenzin jangchub
Geshe Tenzin Jangchub

SJMU Id No:  16341

Designation: Director

geshe rinchen tsering
Geshe Rinchen Tsering

SJMU Id No:  15147

Designation: Principal

tenzin dawa
Tenzin Dawa

SJMU Id No:  15147

Designation: Head Master