Sera Jey Health Care Committee was initially established with an objective to provide health care and medical services to monks of this Monastery. But nevertheless, the need for others is wholly respected and sympathised - the sick and poor monks, nuns of other monasteries, lay public - Tibetan settlers and local Indians are welcomed and equally cared and treated a like.  The history of Sera Jey Health Care Committee has its beginning in the late eighties, during one of his His Holiness The Dalai Lama's visit to the Monastery. When His Holiness expressed concern on the state of health of a large section of the Monastery's population affected by malnourishment and tuberculosis are rampantly inflicting severe destructive health problems. 

Witnessing and foreseeing to the state of health, His Holiness The Dalai Lama granted a contribution of Rs.50, 000.00 (a big amount at the time) in the year 1989. Thus this was the creator - the germinating seed, which rooted and sprouted to a healthy, strong, rich and harmonious tree, whose fruits has and is ever benefiting and serving the sick and needy.

Hence following then, in 1989 the Monastery's Governing General Body under the abbotship of Khensur Geshe LobsangTsering, proposed and passed a resolution for the establishment of a Health Centre. Setting the basis of this Centre, on the special emphasis of His Holiness The Dalai Lama and in the development of the community's health. Thus a five-member committee with the Abbot as the Chairman was elected by the Governing General Body to establish and administer this proposed Health Care Centre.

From its very beginning, the Health Care Committee was programmed specially for the treatment and eradication of tuberculosis. Free consultation, diagnosis, anti - Tuberculosis treatment, drugs with special supplementary protein diets are given, and the services of TB specialist doctor every month are made available to TB patients.

The most tangible services are free Medical Consultation and dispensing of medicines as low as 50 % concession of its cost price. This concession is given to all - monks, nuns, lay people- Tibetans & Indians and visitors. This particular scheme has been the most beneficial service to a vast majority of the patients who visit the Health Care Centre.

Since then, much progress and development has been made and served. The working staffs are monks, who are well trained and experienced and form a compatible team of sincere and dedicated caretakers of the various departments - Dispensary, laboratory, X-ray, Ward, Treatment, Sanitation and Drinking Water Supply.

Sera Jhe Health Care Committee besides its beneficent medical services has also contributed to the drinking water supply to a vast majority of the Monastery's residential quarters. And likewise Sanitation has been another major activity that has practically benefited to the community by maintaining cleaner roads, drains and sewage of the campus and its surroundings.

Hence, Sera Jey Health Care Committee has brought a healthy environment and condition to the Monastery and to all beneficiaries from its services.

Contact Information:-

Sera Jey Health Care Committee
P.O. Bylakuppe - 571104,
Mysore District, (K.S), INDIA

Tel: +91-08223-258672
Fax: +91-08223-258388
E-mail: sjhcc.2011(@)

Current serving officials

  1. Geshe Tenpa Chogyal (Administrator)
  2. Geshe Tenzin Norbu (Administrator)
  3. Geshe Gyanltsen (Administrator )
  4. Dr. Sonam Dhondup (Medical Officer)
  5. Mr. Tendar Dorjee (Secretary)

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