The Education Department has lately been formed as a complimentary platform to the main Philosophical studies curriculum of the monastery, where general academic subjects from language, to science and humanities can be made available for studies as extracurricular program.

This concept has formerly taken shape from our earnest effort in following the noble vision of His Holiness The Dalai Lama on the importance and need for awareness and studies on general academic subjects in the monastic institutes and for developing interaction with other formal academic institutions and universities.

The introduction and study of general Science in Tibetan monastic institutes has been one His Holiness foremost patronage. Through the education department, various academic disciplines and courses are planned for introduction as complimentary studies besides the monastery's main academic curriculum - philosophical studies.

Since the past few years, the monastery has initiated contacts and interaction with formal academic institutions; introduced other academic disciplines.
With these developments, the monastery has made major inroads in its outreach program.

Some of the highlights are:-

• A Memorandum of Understanding with Tumkur University on Buddhist Studies established on 27 November 2012, has been a historic achievement.

• The Sera Jey Monastic Research Center with accreditation to Tumkur University was formerly established for research in Buddhist studies between the two institutes.

• Sera Jey Science Center founded in 2013 is another major landmark in the monastery's academic education field.

• Language Translation Program founded in 2015, specializing in translation of English and Chinese language, is set for a majorinroads.

Contact information

Geshe Thupten Chodak (Head of Department)


Sera Jey Education Department
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Mysore Distt. (K.S), INDIA
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