With the requirement of our monastery’s rich knowledge resources on Buddhist Philosophy and culture for sharing and to the service of the outside world of Buddhist sphere, outreach programs were initiated.

The language of English and Chinese are two important mediums relevant to administering our outreach programs. Hence two language courses – English and Chinese are introduced as an extra curricular study program.

Language (English) Translation program

English language Course:- The language course has two sections, one for student monks below the class - Uma (Madhyamika) with no knowledge or background of English. The course is of 3 year duration. The second section is for student monks from the class - Uma (Madhyamika) and above, with some basic knowledge or background of English. The course is of 3 year duration.

Translation Course:- A four year English Translation course is open for bona-fide student monks irrespective of any class, with some basic knowledge or background in English language. The course is intended to build a strong proficiency over the English language / grammar to meet the requirements of good translation. On completion of the four year translation course student monks will qualify for the Translator's course.

Translator Course:- It is a 3 year course primarily programmed for translating real-time teachings (from Tibetan to English). Qualifying students from the four-year Translation course can enroll into this Translator's course. The first Translator Course will enroll students who have studied & completed the previous translator's program conducted under the monastery's Library department. The course is structured to give a comprehensive grounding of the candidates language – English, Buddhist terminology in Tibetan and Sanskrit terms; cultivate and develop skills, norms and ethics of translating / translator.

Language (Chinese) Translation program

The Chinese Language Translation course was formally started in 2015. The program is conceived and constructed for a comprehensive Chinese language translation course.

Two basic classes are in progress, one elementary for beginners and one for students with some knowledge of the language, totaling around 40 pupil monks.

Two senior classes, the first batch of 13 pupils that commenced in 2015 and the second batch of 20 pupils commenced in 2016 are in progress. A well-qualified teacher and a team of proficient monks with excellent language skills administer the program.