inauguration ceremony of sjbccSera Jey Buddhist Culture Center - New York, was formally inaugurated on September 24, 2016. The governing body of the center and center's chief priest (head lama) in coordination with the head - Sera Jey Monastery, found it approrpriate to have the formal inauguration ceremony during the visit of head monastery's former Abbot - Khensur Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Delek, present adminstrator and former administrator - Geshe Thutpen Wangchuk and Geshe Thupten Monlam.

Mr. Kunga Tashi on behalf of The Office of Tibet - Washington, was the chief guest and inaugurated the ceremony.  

The Center was formally founded in 2012 at New York with a prime objective to dispense Buddhist teachings and services to the Tibetan and other Buddhist community in and around New York. The Center;s former Director - late Geshe Lobsang Ngoddup Deshitsang and members has made admirable and selfless dedication in establishing the center.

rigram geshe 01Rigram Geshe Graduation Ceremony for the year 2016 was held on 23rd and 24th of July 2016.  It is one of the four categories of Geshe; a scholastic title equivalent to Master of Philosophy in Buddhist Studies.  The graduation ceremony for each category is held annually.  The ceremony are held in the main temple before the sangha assembly.  Eight pupil monks graduated in this year's ceremony.

00 entrhonement ceremony new abbot khen rinpoche geshe gedun choephelToday, 18th of July 2016, Khen Rinpoche Geshe Gedun Choephel has been enthroned the new Abbot (75th) of Sera Jey Monastery, following the successful completion of his predecessor 74th abbot – Khensur Geshe Lobsang Delek's tenure and retirement.

The enthronement ceremony was held at the main temple of Sera Jey Monastery, before a full attendance of the sangha community.

00 long life offering khen rinpoche geshe lobsang delekA Long Life Offering Ceremony was made to the monastery's Abbot - Kyabje Khen

Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Delek on 19th June 2016, in gratitude to his successful completion of the Lamrim Teachings, years of dedicated teachings and for his excellent abbotship tenure. The ceremony was held at the monastery's Debate Courtyard.

Representatives and dignitaries from the two Bylakuppe Tibetan settlements, respective Khangsten house divisions of Sera Jey and various departments of Sera Jey offered mandala to the abbot.

13654226 1777295255823082 7728667428930735448 nThe Translation Department of the monastery in the month of June 2016 organized several

programs -

1) Inititation, Teachings and Discussions with visiting members of Sera Jey Singapore Center

2) Award of Merit Students for the 2015 course session

3) Birthday Celebration of HIs Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama

Prayer Offering to patrons and supporter of the monastery