As a distinctive traditional Buddhist Monastery, the entire curriculum are based and followed as per the traditional monastic practice & customs. Besides the main academic curriculum - Buddhist Philosophical studies, Prayers, Pujas / Ritual Ceremonies form one the main monastic activities. And Sera Jey Monastery has a unique, centuries old traditional curriculum of Prayers, Pujas & Ritual ceremonies, which is followed regularly.

The first day of first month in the Tibetan Calendar year is celebrated as New Year called Lorsa in Tibetan. As per the tradtion, a special ceremony is held in the Prayer Assembly Hall before dawn as early as 3 am to 4.30 am in the morning. This will be later followed by a joint assembly prayer with monks of Sera Mey Monastery at Sera Lachi Assembly Hall at 5.00 am.

It is the first Full Moon of year's first month, considered a very auspicious day of offering prayers / good thoughts & deeds, that also marks the 15th & concluding day of Tibetan Lorsa (New Year) celebration. The Gelug's Monlam Chenmo ceremony also concludes on this first Full Moon Day, with a speciall mass prayer of the two monastic institutes of Sera Monastery - Sera Jey & Sera Mey at Sera Thekchenling Lachi.