On the 15th Day of the 1st Tibetan Calendar Month, the First Full Moon Day, marks the final day from the first day of Lord Buddha special dedication performed for the benefit of all his future devotees. This 15th & Full Moon day is considered an auspicious day to dedicate prayers & make offerings. On this day, very large no of devotees visit to receive blessings and make offerings at the Monastery.

At sunset, the specially huge & grandly sculptured Torma - called The 15th day Ritual Sculpture, crafted from flour & butter, that has been ritualised, is brought out to perform the final ceremonial part. And during the event, special cultural and folk dances are also displayed (organised by the Monastery). Devotees make prostrations and offer prayers and make fulfilling wishes for the removal of unfavourable obstacles before this ritualised Torma (butter sculptur).