Dbyangs Gdrub, a traditonal Tibetan Buddhist ritual that promotes prosperity & harmony, is an annual ritual program of the monastery. This ritual ceremony is a three day event performed by over 30 senior monks. Prior to the ceremony Tormas (Flour sculptured images) are prepared by monks specialized on such ritual crafts.

It is a special assembly prayer ceremony held on the 19 th day of 11 th Tibetan Calendar Month in dedication to Jetsun Choekyi Gyaltsen's anniversary - the author of Philosophical texts which are followed in monastery's course curriculum.

This is a week long special assembly prayer ceremony in marathon session, held after a one week of the JCHU-DGU CHOS-PA (Nineteenth Offering) in veneration to Jetsun Choekyi Gyaltsen, and begins from the 25 th day of 11 th Tibetan Calendar Month.

The prayer assembly commences as early as 2.30 am and run up to late in the evening with short breaks at regular intervals.