On the 15th Day of the 1st Tibetan Calendar Month, the First Full Moon Day, marks the final day from the first day of Lord Buddha special dedication performed for the benefit of all his future devotees. This 15th & Full Moon day is considered an auspicious day to dedicate prayers & make offerings. On this day, very large no of devotees visit to receive blessings and make offerings at the Monastery.

The fourth month of Tibetan Calendar month is referred as Saka Dawa - in reverence to Buddha's Birth, Englightenment & Parinirvana; and considered a very sacred montth. The monastery conducts assembly prayers and it is during this sacred month when there is dedication assembly prayer almost everyday conducted on behalf of devotees .

Lord Buddha's first Teaching that was granted at Sarnath near the historical Indian city of Varanasi, after attaining englightenment, also referred as The First Turning of The Dharma Wheel is reveredly celebrated on the Fourth Day of sixth Tibetan Calendar Month.