The monastery's norms require every member to undertake the monastic Course Study, and have set periodic entrance test schedules throughout the year for enrolment.

The Entrance Test has been evenly scheduled throughout the calendar year at specific period to facilitate new entrants. There are totaly seven no of schedules allotted in a year:


Month  01 04 05 06 08 09 11
Day / Date 25 16 16 16 07 16 16

The Entrance/Selection Test is of two-nature - oral recitation and reading. The text to be memorized is Choechoeth-Rabh-Sel, which is one complete volume (pothe in Tibetan) comprising of about 500 pages, and Gyen-juug-nyi about 45 pages.. The former text contains oral prayers, which are recited during daily assembly sessions and at Debate Assemblies. This enables the novice pupil to participate in the daily prayers and at Assemblies. And the latter contains extracts of the main Buddhist Philosophy.

Oral Reading is also one part of the Test that one has to go through. This is to prepare the novice pupil for efficient reading & learning of the courses. The Oral recitation and reading Test is performed before the Khenpo/Abbot of the Monastery.