There are 19 classes which follow the Tibetan lunar calendar. The first class starts just after Tibetan New Year (beginning of March / 1st Tibetan month) and continues until the middle of the following year. For the first 8 years graduation occurs at mid-year (July-August / 6th Tibetan month ), and then the remaining classes graduate at the end of each year

(November-December / 10th Tibetan month ). Details of how the above mentioned topics are divided up and studied during each year of the program are described below.

The annual curriculum are held in four Seasons in line with the four seasons of the year. The Spring, Summer, Autumn and The Winter. Before each Season, there would be an Entrance Test for fresher to join into the University Course. Following are the Four Season of a year in Tibetan Calendar.

Examination are organized & conducted by the Monastery's Faculty Board.

There are four different types of examinations and held on annual basis:

  • Debate / Dialectic
  • Oral
  • Written
  • Supplementary

Debate / Dialectic is the main & important aspect of monastery's curriculum and the Debate examination takes the primary position amoung the four different examinations. It carries a total of 100 marks; - 50 marks for questioning aptitude & 50 marks for answering aptitude. This annual examination is generally conducted from the 5 th day of 9 th month of Tibetan Calendar.