Haya-griva Retreat 2018

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Sera Jey monastery’s annual Haya-griva Retreat will commence from 4th – 15th March 2018 (18th – 28th day of 1st Tibetan Lunar calendar month) for a period of twelve days.

The first day, 4th March 2018, will be the invoking ceremony and the last day, 15th March 2018, will be Haya-griva Fire Puja and Tsog Offering to conclude the retreat.

The Haya-Griva Retreat is specially dedicated for the long life of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, and all living Buddhas and for betterment of world peace, happiness, wellbeing and prosperity of all sentient beings.

The Retreat also dedicates for our Monastery’s Ex and present Abbots, Geshes, Tulkus and monks for removal of all obstacles in their pursuit to attaining the highest spiritual path.

Devotees are welcome to participate in the retreat.

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