Sera Jey Monastic University Monk's Sponsorship Committee is specifically founded by the Monastery with a sole mission to raise funds for administering monastic education & welfare of its member monks. To one of the largest Buddhist Monastic Institution with a total member population of over 3500 monks, with a monastic academic faculty having over 2500 regular pupils all round the year, that practice & imparts traditional Mahayana Buddhist culture & Philosophy.

 The Monastery provides free food & education to all its members, irrespective of their origin or nationality. Since the Monastery's re-establishment at Bylakuppe in South India 1970, following the communist Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959, there has been steep increase in new members joining the Monastery over the last two decades. The members constitute of Tibetans in majority with origins from all regions of Tibet, followed by Himalayan regions of India - Ladhak, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nepal and good no of foreign nations both East & West.

The Monastic curriculum & activities for the vast no of pupils require funds on regular basis. And as an effort to supplement the ever increasing cost, this Sponsorship Committee was founded. The Committee heartfully welcome individuals, organizations and institutions to participate in supporting this sponsorship scheme