Sera Jey Monastic University Monk's Sponsorship Committee

Sera Jey Monastic University Monk's Sponsorship Committee is a program specifically founded by the Monastery with a sole mission to raise funds for administering monastic education and welfare of its member monks.

Sera Jey Monastery is recognized as the premier monastic institute of learning traditional Tibetan Buddhism with the largest no monks that total over 3500, which includes over 2500 regular students at each academic year.

The member monks - young students / teachers / elders, are from different regions and nationality. Majority are Tibetans from different regions of Tibet, followed equally by Himalayan regions of India - Ladhak, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Nepal.

Besides, there are foreign students & members in good number – Mongolian forming the majority; others from East Asia / South East Asia, Pacific, Western Europe and North America.

The Monastic curriculum and activities for the vast no of pupils require funds on regular basis. The sponsorship program funds form part of funds for meeting these regular activities.

Under the monastery's unique and traditional principle on the prevalence of equal opportunity and provision for each and every monk (pupil / member) irrespective of any background, the sponsorship prorgram contributes to the collective benefit of the entire monk community in pursuing their education and practice.

Benefits of the program

  • This Sponsorship program helps fund the education and welfare programs of monks
  • Each and every pupil monks are benefitted collectively
  • The program helps in the sustenance of monastery's educational and other activities
  • Helps the monastery in the preservation and promotion of Buddha's philosophy and wisdom
  • Contributes to the Buddha Dharma - in producing more scholars and teachers

The Committee heartfully welcome individuals, organizations and institutions to participate in supporting this sponsorship scheme.

You can become a sponsor

Sponsor one monk for

  • - '1' Month: INR 1500 / US $ 25
  • - '1' Year: INR 18,000 / US $ 300

You can also become a contributor

One can also contribute any amount for the program

Fund Payment : 

All Sponsor Funds are to be made by Bank Check / Drafts / Postal Order in the name of" SERA JEY MONASTIC UNIVERSITY "

Sponsor Funds can also paid by Bank Transfer (Wire) -

Bank information
Account No.: 109500116000503
Bylakuppe Branch
Sera Lachi, Bylakuppe
Mysore Disrict - 571104 (KS) INDIA

Mailing Address :

The Co-ordinator (SJMUMSC)
Sera Jey Monastic University - Office
P.O. Bylakuppe - 571104,
District Mysore, KS, INDIA

Contact Information:
: +91-8223-258435
Fax:  +91-8223-258781

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.